Loving God

It’s all about Jesus. For us, life is incomplete and empty without Christ. We accept his offer of salvation and power, and with the gift and presence of his Holy Spirit, we seek to honor Jesus in every way we know how.

Loving People

We believe that God cares deeply about all people. They are of the highest concern to Him. Having ourselves been overwhelmed by God’s love and Grace, we are passionately committed to reaching others. Nothing touches us more than knowing the Kingdom has just grown by one.

Loving Church

We believe the Church should be contemporary, relevant, welcoming, impacting, balanced and fun. We believe that all who follow Christ (male and female, old and young) have God-given gifts and abilities and that every believer has a ministry function within the Church according to those gifts.

The Bible is Central to All

We believe that the Bible has the power to transform the life of any individual person and has the authority to direct the church as a whole. We believe that to be a healthy, growing church, we must always be committed to the Bible as God’s Word. Because the Bible is so important to us, we place a high value on spiritually anointed and gifted preaching and teaching.

A life of faith is a life of abundance. This abundance begins when you feel in your heart, “Yes, I believe.” There will be challenges and huge growth opportunities. Through exploring life and the Bible together, with faith in our miracle working God, we have seen and fully expect more radical changes in the lives of committed Jesus followers.